We’ve heard from many people: following virtual conferences is really straining. There is a lack of true social interaction, it can feel like any other day and be difficult to carve time out of our normal work to attend the conference. To bring conversation, discussion and interaction back into the online conference world, ICSE 2021 is introducing:

Watch Parties

At an ICSE 2021 watch party, you come together with fellow attendees, be it colleagues from your group, your university, your city or your whole country, to join ICSE 2021 together. Parties can be as small as two or three people in your living room or as big fifty people filling a whole cinema theater in these physical distancing times. You’ll follow the sessions together, discuss the talks and papers, brainstorm over new ideas and create new connections and collaborations 🙂 Watch parties give us a place for social events and true face-to-face interaction with the software engineering researchers close to you – no need to travel half over the world.

How do I attend one of a watch parties?

Search our list of all planned watch parties for one in your area & contact the organizers to sign up for a spot 🙂

No party nearby or all spots taken? → Think about organizing your own watch party! You can find more information below ↓

How do I organize my own watch party?

If you wanna throw your own watch party (and you should!) check out our Guidelines for ICSE 2021 Watch Parties.